Pan for gold at Taylor, BC’s Peace Island Park

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At Mile 35 of the Alaska Highway in Taylor, BC, you’ll find beautiful Peace Island Park. If you’re camping, it’s a perfect location to pitch your tent. If you’re driving an RV, park here for the night and relax.

Many Alaska Highway travelers stop here during summer months. Located along the mighty Peace River, it’s extremely picturesque, so prepare to snap some selfies and post them on your favourite social media channels so your family and friends can see your progress up the Alaska Highway.

This will be the site of the World’s Invitational Gold Panning Championships from August 4-6, 2017, so bring a pan and prepare to strike it rich along the Alaska Highway, as part of your road trip!

Alaska Highway Gold Panning

Klondike Gold Rush history is very important along many parts of the Alaska Highway. In the late 1890’s, 100,000 people dropped whatever they were doing wherever they were in the world, and stampeded toward this area to make their fortunes! Ten thousand got to the gold fields (many gave up or died en route). A handful got rich.

This entire, beautiful area is gold country. Some of the gold has yet to be found, and you don’t have to risk your life to get here any more!

In addition to getting rich panning for gold, you can enjoy the following activities at Peace Island Park:

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Hiking on nature trails
  • Wildlife viewing and photography (moose, bears and other wildlife live around here; please respect them and keep your distance)
  • Visiting the Rocky Mountain Fort Museum
  • Relaxing around your campsite (there are more than 100 sites here, including the group sites)
  • Winter activities include cross-country skiing and snowshoeing
Alaska Highway Peace River Camping

There’s a Peace Island Park brochure available at www.districtoftaylor.com extending a warm welcome to you and your family from the District of Taylor. Check it out if you’re planning to camp here. Here’s information from it:

Rocky Mountain Fort Museum and Peace Island Park General Store are open throughout the summer months. The General Store has a large selection of food and snacks, from milk and bread to ice cream and supplies for s’mores. Stop by and check out our selection of gifts and souvenirs.

Important Park Information: Showers are available at the Taylor Curling Rink/ Swimming Pool for $2.00 per person. Please ask park attendants for hours of operation. Sani-Dump is located in the District of Taylor behind the Taylor Inn. The Horse and Harness club of FSJ is down at the Park on most long weekends as well as other selected weekends offering free rides to all park visitors. Keep an eye out for the horse and buggy and jump on for your free ride!

History of Taylor

Originally Taylor Flats, the District of Taylor has been part of the Peace Region for over ninety years. In 1896, Donald Herbert Taylor (Herbie), Taylor’s namesake, moved west from Manitoba and took up a homestead at the Peace River Crossing (Peace River, AB) where he married Charlotte. Although Charlotte was educated in a mission school in Alberta, and spoke fluent English and French, she preferred her native Cree. Herbie made a living carving paddles and plating his fiddle for dances. Learn more at www.districtoftaylor.com

Photo Credit: www.lovetaylorbc.com for the pictures of Peace Island Park